Real Time Language Translator

In-Ear Gadget That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

Did you guys visit some foreign country? Did you try to speak in their own language? Most of us found ourselves awkward in this situation. Sometimes it feels funny and sometimes embarrassing. Thanks to Technology and Waverly Labs who invented this new translation device that easily fits into your ear. So this language problem will be no more in upcoming days. The device is called the Pilot System made by Waverly Labs. When it hits the shelves in September, the system will allow the wearer to understand one of the several foreign languages through real-time in-ear translation. It’s handy app will allow you to toggle through the languages you want. Right now it includes English, French, Spanish and Italian. Its retail price will be $129 and you can preorder this device right now here. So don’t waste your time and preorder your gadget now.

The gadget contains two earpieces that easily fit into your ears

Real Time Language Translator

This Gadget will allow real-time in-ear translations in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Real Time Language Translator

“The Pilot” will be available in September and retail for $129

Real Time Language Translator

The device is said to translate speech like the Babelfish in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Real Time Language Translator

It’s handy app will allow you to toggle through the languages you want



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