10 Steps To Creating A Freelance Profile That Wins Business

If you just land to this article then I am sure you are a freelancer. But are you are you a full-time freelancer? Yes, I said a full-time Freelancer. Don’t say me “Are you kidding Muhammad?”. Really you are not a full-time Freelancer?

Don’t worry if you are not a full-time freelancer and you want to be a professional full-time freelancer. All you have to do is to pull up your socks and do focus on what I am going to tell you. I am going to tell you some awesome simple steps to create a freelance profile that wins business & your clients for you.

So what are you waiting for? Just start following these simple steps and double your client’s attention towards your profile.

Step 1: Create an Appropriate URL for You Freelancing Profile

First of all, be specific to your niche and ones you decided what your niche is then the first freelance-urlstep to take is to set your profile URL as per your niche. You have two options either you make a Brand Name or you use your Personal Name. If you are running an agency account then I will recommend you to use Brand Name. Don’t try to use nicknames as it seems non-professional.


Step 2: Upload a Professional Photo

There is a saying that “A picture is worth one-thousand words”. When it comes to portraying yourself to potential employers, this is definitely true. So a good looking picture of yours is the first impression to the client.people-profile-pictures

This doesn’t mean you should look sexy and you put some of your naughty images. Neither it means you go to some expensive studio and buy some head-shots. You may ask you, friend, to take a snap of yours with some good camera. Don’t forget to smile with warm expressions.


Step 3: Create an Effective Headline

The first impression is the last impression. You headline should be clear, concise and straight to the point. I will recommend it to keep it to one line heading. Don’t mess your profile with writing nonsense or excess of your services. Your profile needs just tree pieces of information:

  • Position title
  • Years of Experience
  • Your specialty

A good idea is to think like a Buyer and feels how it looks. If it looks eye catchy and attractive then congratulations, you have created an effective headline.

Step 4: A Kick-Ass Description about yourself

I won’t say Kick Ass, I just say “Kick Ass Description” . Yes, I want you to write a unique, creative, different, awesome, to the point, and exceptional description about yourself. To gain your customer Trust you have to write some unique description.

I know you guys are confused and want to know how to write a good description. I will suggest you to observe your competitors. Don’t copy others description but just take the attracting part, blend it to your set skill and that’s it. You just need some time to brainstorm and I will suggest you to start writing your description in the morning because in the morning your are fresher and more relax to think.

Step 5: Always include your Contact Information

There are some clients who prefer hiring local talent. By mentioning where you are located, you could get the upper hand in local projects.

Clients also want to be able to reach you. So make it easier for them to contact you and make yourself more reliable to them. After all, reliability is one of the most important factors for clients when hiring freelancers.

While working with local clients don’t try to work outside the freelance platform and try to communicate within the platform. Working outside platform may be penalized or banned you from the site.

Step 6: Update Your Portfolio with your completed jobs

Always remember that a client need a solid reason to buy your service and the best reason you can give to them is by uploading your portfolio, screen shots of work done with proper explanation of how you serve and helped other companies to achieve their goals.

These success stories definitely help your potential customers to think of your skills  and make them realize that you are the right person to help them. Freelancer having a good portfolio have more than 300% hiring rate than a freelancer with no or bad portfolio.


Step7. Give Test,  Pass Them and Prove Yourself

Hmm. If you are PHP developer and you think you are PHP Rockstar then prove yourself. Yes, prove yourself by giving appropriate tests as per your set skill and prove yourself a Real Rockstar in your niche.freelance-test

The test gives a proof that you have a good command of your set skills which you are claiming on your profile. One more thing to my personal experience while working on Upwork platform I got more job invitation just after I pass an exam. So this mean Upwork recommends that person more who have more pass test on that skills.


Step 8: Set Reasonable Hourly Rate

You know your worth. If you work for too low rates then you will never be a full-time freelancer. Even if you want to set very high rates then you have to give the reason why you are charging so high. If you are extraordinary then you may charge high. But try to be balanced. Set your Hourly rate as per your skills and expertise. All I want to said is “People Are Not Fool”.


Step 9: Include Your Qualification

If your qualification is as per your offered service then mentioned it on your profile as a must. Because it will give you an edge. A client will become more relaxed when he/she see that you are also qualified professional.

Also, If you have any employment history, do consider adding that as well with all the work details you have done while on your job.Because there is no match for practical experience & exposure.


Step 10: Link Your Social Profiles

Link your profile with social media accounts. Market your service on social media,mentioning your profile link to others. social-mediaMarket Your services on Facebook Groups is a good idea, but again just market them in relevant groups. Linked In is a great platform to market your services.




By following the above 10 steps , you’ll know what to include in your profile.  But what not to include is also a major part. I just want to say


Fluff refers to weak or unnecessary sentences, such as sentences where you talk about your communication skills, your ability to work hard, and your personality. All of these are things that your client expects of you anyway or would come across in your profile.

Don’t tell client about:

  • What type of person you are
  • You love to paint
  • You love pets
  • I am a good communicator
  • I have a winning personality

If you’re a great communicator, your profile will speak for itself. And if you have a winning personality, that will come across too.

But remember, the things your client cares about most are covered in the above 10 steps. If you’ve done a good job there, you don’t need to add anything else.

Do You Have a Winning Freelance Profile?

As a freelancer, your digital profile is equivalent to your “Resume”. If you want big payments, and want to be a successful full-time freelancer and want to live a life of your dreams then you have to first polish your profile. Your Freelance Profile is the first impression to get the interview and makes you stand out among competitors.

So What are you Doing this Week?

Are you ready to make your profile stronger than your competitors? Do you have any other tips that will help other and you would like to share with your fellows?

Feel Free to share you thoughts in the comments below.


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