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7 Ways To Discover Your Hidden Talent

“What is the minimum qualification required in your country?” He asked me. “Sorry?” I replied in confusion, “What do you mean, can you please elaborate?”. “What is the minimum level of education you are required to land some job in your country, Pakistan” He repeated softly. “Umm! We don’t have such thing in our country”. He showed confusion with his facial expressions. I counter-questioned “What’s your criteria?” He then explained me his education system.

He is from Hungary and working with me as my colleague. I will summarize what he told me about his education system. After some basic education, you need to decide where you wanted to end up. They have almost 18 fields from which they can decide and then pursue it for specialization. Some of them include being Carpenter, Masson, Cook, Sportsman, Teacher, Engineer, Doctor etc. That choice is made so early that you no need to regret in the end, for the wastage of time.

I asked myself the question, ‘’Why I am an Engineer, did I wanted that?’’ The answer was “Perhaps I didn’t have another choice”. And I am pretty sure that a lot of us might end up answering the same. So now the next question is how should I know what I wanted to be at so tender age? I researched and found out resulting that  for this purpose, there is another unique system exists in developed countries called ‘’Latent Talent’’.

Everyone has some sort of talent inside him/her and to bring this talent out, they put individual to different situations and study its result. Professional experts analyze the results and suggest individual the fields where they can excel in future. That thing is remarkable indeed and I am so impressed with the idea that I decided to share it with my fellows. In the following lines, I will share with you the ways to find out your ‘latent talent’ and then start a new journey, because it’s never too late.

#1. Learn to be bold and take risks


If you don’t try, you will not have the experience for that particular thing and hence, you’ll never know about your potentials in that specific field. You need to overcome the fear of failure to try.


#2. Don’t be embarrass

Don't-EmbarrassedDon’t be embarrass for the criticism people make of you. You need to understand that you are not perfect and if people are saying the same it’s not a big deal/issue.  At least you are providing people with some topics to speak which will not hamper your progress rather can bring out some positive outcome.


#3. Be your own judge

No need to rely on others to tell you how you are performing. Nobody can judge you better than you judge yourself.

#4. Self Confidence

Give yourself confidence that you can try at least. It will allow you break the stereotype and let you make unpopular/daring/bold decisions.

#5. Be Persistent

Don’t stop until you find out the results. Be persistent with what you think until you prove yourself  right or vice versa.

#6. Ignorance is the key

There is equally a grave chance that you feel restricted about what you think. Sometimes it is good to ignore those sounds which are not coming your way. Here you need to develop a balance how to ignore; sometimes softly and sometimes need to be blunt.

#7. Trust your intuition

Try to observe the hints, read the signs coming to you, above all listen to your inner instincts. Don’t let them die. Let the talent rise and Success is all yoursThumbs Up


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