Hey! My name is Muhammad Basim, the man behind this blog.

I am 30 Years old blogger, freelance Web Designer, Word Press developer and a digital marketer from Karachi, Pakistan.

By qualification, I am an Aircraft Engineer. I trained Aircraft Engineers for 5 Years and then in August 2015 I finally quit my job and now I am running my own Digital Agency BrandCo House and my blog AskBasim.

How I come to Blogging and Web Designing

In 2014 my Brother in law who was a Professional Web Developer had an online Job Site named “PaperJobsAds.Com” . The main source of revenue for this site is Google Adsense. He was earning good but after Google Panda and Penguin, his site’s traffic suddenly goes down. This was 2014 and he discussed about his site and tells me about SEO. He wanted me to do SEO for his site.

But the reality at that time was that I even don’t know the A and B of SEO. So I just open my PC and type “SEO in Karachi”. I find a person who was teaching SEO. I contacted him and start learning SEO from him. He teaches for 3 months. Besides learning SEO I also started learning about WordPress, HTML, CSS and I am thankful to Mudasir Nazar of www.urdututs.com who publishes such a nice WordPress Urdu tutorial.

I started implementing SEO on my brother in Law’s website. The site started improving but finally, we have to close this website because of two reasons. The first reason was that his site was an image based website with nearly zero content. Secondly, the main audience of that site is from Pakistan and we know that CPC rate in Pakistan is too low. So we decide to close that venture.

Ones we close the paperjobsads.com, I have nothing to implement what I have learned. Then in Feb 2015 I register my own domain name askbasim.com and start designing my site. I write articles about what I have learned till that day.

In May 2015 my Company sent me to Islamabad to establish a new Campus in Islamabad. Initially, the workload was so much that I was unable to give time to my site. I even didn’t open my site for 1 month. After 1 month I just open my site and I get to know that my site has been infected with WordPress attack. The site was so badly infected that there are thousands of pages created with bad links. I have no choice but to delete my whole website.

That moment was really painful for me because all my hard work is no more. But in the next moment, I start making my site again. The new design was good then a previous one. I designed a new logo and rewrite all the content. Thanks to archive.org from where I got my previous blog posts.

In August 2015, I had some issues with my new boss. I came back to Karachi and resigned from my company. I had nothing in my mind what I have to do next. I had no job and I had a lot of liabilities. I had some savings which were just for two months. I had a family and mostly importantly my 2 years old daughter.

I don’t have any investments to start any business. I started applying for jobs in different airlines but there was no vacancy.

At that time my family supports me. I create my account on Upwork and Freelancer and start bidding on jobs regarding SEO. I got my first SEO job on Upwork of $35. I have to do the On-Page SEO of that site. I completed that job in just two days and my client happily gives me a bonus of $30. Then I got another job of Web Designing along with Monthly SEO. That client gives me another website project along with SEO. And then I learned how to get jobs on Upwork. I first become a rising start on Upwork and then A Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork. Right now I have permanent clients and a stable life once again, but still struggling to get a dream life.

Bad Days are always for a lesson

Someone said that “You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life” and this is true. I still have sleepless nights and I will keep fighting with the bad days until I get the best days of my life. I am just sharing my story with you guys to just motivate you. Just trust yourself and work hard. Don’t let yourself down and you will be successful one day.

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

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Special Thanks

I am very thankful to All Might Allah and my family who supported me in this hard time. I also want to thanks a lot of bloggers and professional through which I learn a lot about Blogging, Digital marketing, SEO and Web Designing. Some of them are


Muhammad Basim