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Simple Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

From my early childhood, I often heard a word, “TIME”. My father says don’t waste your time, time will not come back, time is money, time will not be same always. When I went to school than high

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7 Ways To Discover Your Hidden Talent

“What is the minimum qualification required in your country?” He asked me. “Sorry?” I replied in confusion, “What do you mean, can you please elaborate?”. “What is the minimum level

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Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners in the World

There was a time when blogging was just a hobby but today this hobby changed to a handsome way of earning money but only for those who has given enough time and energy for years. Most of the blogger prefer

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Photographer Removes Phones from His Images to Show How Addicted We Are

Today we all are living in the era of Science and Technology and there are always some pros and cons of that technology. Our usage of that technology makes it a positive one or a negative one. Today I

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12 Rules of Success – Steve Jobs

His real name is Steven Paul Steve Jobs but he is well know as Steve Jobs. Jobs was born in February 24, 1955 and at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011 he was died of respiratory arrest. He was the co-founder,

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Mobile Photography: 9 Gadgets for Better Photography

Today Photography is no longer limited to Professional Photographers who click the beautiful memories of others. It’s all because talking selfies are becoming more common and trending. More and more

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