Make a Local Server using Xampp & installing WordPress

Using Xampp you can make a Local Apache Server with just a few clicks, Here I am going to tell you step by step process that how to setup a local Apache Server using Xampp and how to install WordPress and publish your first website. Video Tutorial Method Step 1 Go to website “www.apachefriends.org” and […]

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man in hosting company

6 Best Domain Name & Hosting Providers

Web Hosting and Domain Name are very important to consider before starting our new blog or website. When we are going to choose our Web Hosting Provider it is kept in mind that which type of blog or website we are using, considering business plan website or personal blog we should check our priorities and requirements for […]

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Mobile phones DON’T increase the risk of brain cancer, 30-year study concludes

There is no connection between mobile phones and brain cancer, a point of interest study has uncovered. Researchers found no increase in tumors over the last 29 years, despite an enormous increase in the use of the devices. In Australia, where the study was conducted, 9% of people had a mobile phone in 1993 – […]

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