5 Free Best CDN Services for Your WordPress Blog

If you are going to start your blogging journey, then I will always suggest you to use WordPress as a platform with your custom domain name. I prefer WordPress as it gives you more freedom to customize your blog. Running your blog on Blogger.com, Tumbler.com or WordPress.com don’t give you freedom. So if you want […]

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Make a Local Server using Xampp & installing WordPress

Using Xampp you can make a Local Apache Server with just a few clicks, Here I am going to tell you step by step process that how to setup a local Apache Server using Xampp and how to install WordPress and publish your first website. Video Tutorial Method Step 1 Go to website “www.apachefriends.org” and […]

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man in hosting company

6 Best Domain Name & Hosting Providers

Web Hosting and Domain Name are very important to consider before starting our new blog or website. When we are going to choose our Web Hosting Provider it is kept in mind that which type of blog or website we are using, considering business plan website or personal blog we should check our priorities and requirements for […]

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Mobile phones DON’T increase the risk of brain cancer, 30-year study concludes

There is no connection between mobile phones and brain cancer, a point of interest study has uncovered. Researchers found no increase in tumors over the last 29 years, despite an enormous increase in the use of the devices. In Australia, where the study was conducted, 9% of people had a mobile phone in 1993 – […]

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Adobe Photoshop Mix and Fix

Adobe Updates:PHOTOSHOP FIX & Mix for iOS

Adobe is continuously improving its iOS apps and this week the new update is for Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix especially for the people running 16GB iPhones. Both these apps are designed to smartly manage the space your project takes up, and reclaim space when you are running low on space. Here are the upgrades […]

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Upwork Pricing Policy

Upwork New Pricing Policy: Does Upwork try to lose its market?

Today morning I just wake some early because one of my client Dr.Starwynn have to start an email campaign and I have to finish his work as soon as possible. So I just open my Outlook because he promised me that he will send me the logo for that campaign. I was just rubbing my […]

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5 best ftp clients

The 5 Best Free FTP Clients

Uploading or downloading files from your Web Host or Server is best done with what’s generally known as FTP Client (File Transferring Protocol). How even the term FTP is quite outdated as more secure alternatives are there such are SFTP and FTPS. There are many FTP client’s available in the market. Some are best with […]

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Mobile Photography Gadets

Mobile Photography: 9 Gadgets for Better Photography

Today Photography is no longer limited to Professional Photographers who click the beautiful memories of others. It’s all because talking selfies are becoming more common and trending. More and more selfie lovers click their photos and share it on social media. So to provide you better Photography, there are many selfie tools and photography gadgets […]

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data encryption

How to Encrypt Data in Windows 10

  Do you want to make your data safer than ever before? I am sure your answer will be “YES I WANT TO MAKE MY DATA SAFER” Do You Know that Windows 10 makes it easy for you to Encrypt Your data? And most importantly in just a few clicks. So Follow me and find […]

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Chinese Driverless Cars Complete Road Test

The cars successfully drove distance from other vehicles, changed lanes, overtook and performed other manoeuvres, including three-point turns automatically but still need the help of a driver in certain road sections and gas stations, the designers said. BEIJING, CHINA: Two self-driving cars produced by a Chinese firm completed a 2,000 km journey in China’s first […]

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