Reset .htaccess File

How to Reset the htaccess File of Your WordPress Site Using FTP

If you just landed on this page then I am pretty sure that you try to mess with your htaccess file and got an error of 502 Bad Gateway error or a white blank screen error. Even you are unable to access your WordPress dahboard. You can fix this error by simply reset your htaccess […]

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How to Use FileZilla FTP client

How to Use the FileZilla FTP Client for Your WordPress Site

Hey, Guys! As many of you know that there are many web hosting providers who provide auto-installation tools like “Softaculous”to install WordPress in just a few clicks.  But many developers and even I don’t prefer to use those auto-installation tools as they also installed some default plugins with WordPress which are not required. Even after […]

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How to Get Massive Traffic with Reddit on your Blog

There is a big a misconception among many people that social media sites are just the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram and that misconception is all because most of the people think that social media sites are just limited to add new friends, viewing their social media activities, following famous celebrities or politicians or […]

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