Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners in the World

There was a time when blogging was just a hobby but today this hobby changed to a handsome way of earning money but only for those who has given enough time and energy for years. Most of the blogger prefer Google Adsense to make money and it’s a dream for every blogger to get Google […]

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10 Steps To Creating A Freelance Profile That Wins Business

If you just land to this article then I am sure you are a freelancer. But are you are you a full-time freelancer? Yes, I said a full-time Freelancer. Don’t say me “Are you kidding Muhammad?”. Really you are not a full-time Freelancer? Don’t worry if you are not a full-time freelancer and you want […]

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9 WordPress Plugins to Generate XML and HTML Sitemaps Quickly

The Role of sitemap in Search Engine Optimization is like the spinal cord.  Every Web Design or SEO agency built and submit a sitemap to the webmaster and will consider this to be the first step towards SEO Campaign. Many clients will see a boost in traffic and better SEO results shortly after submitting a […]

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Questions Before Website Redesiging

5 Questions to Ask Before Redesigning a Website

The importance of online presence in today’s rapidly growing era of information and technology, in any case, cannot be neglected. Today Websites are a handy tool for any kind of business ventures no matter how big or small business you are running. Like many others, I am sure you also have a website to provide […]

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Real Time Language Translator

In-Ear Gadget That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

Did you guys visit some foreign country? Did you try to speak in their own language? Most of us found ourselves awkward in this situation. Sometimes it feels funny and sometimes embarrassing. Thanks to Technology and Waverly Labs who invented this new translation device that easily fits into your ear. So this language problem will […]

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Maintain Your SEO Ranking

5 Ways To Maintain Your SEO Ranking

So you guys have worked hard and got on the top position of Google Search Result. Now what to do next? The answer is that you have to maintain your SEO ranking because your competitors are also working hard to beat you. So How to stay on the top of Search Results. It is obvious […]

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Eric Pickersgill Photography

Photographer Removes Phones from His Images to Show How Addicted We Are

Today we all are living in the era of Science and Technology and there are always some pros and cons of that technology. Our usage of that technology makes it a positive one or a negative one. Today I am going to talk about the influence of Social Media in our lives. I think no […]

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Samsung Safety Truck

Drive safe with Samsung’s Safety Truck

Have you ever experience yourself driving behind a semi-trailer truck? I am sure many of you have experience that if you have ever drive on Highways and Motorways. Semi-trailers are dangerous and stressful obstacles when drivers try to pass them, so Samsung has come up with a great way to make things a little bit […]

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Whatsapp Video Feature

WhatsApp video calling arrives, Just Get it!

Good News for WhatsApp crazy fans. A beta version of WhatsApp for Andriod included the option to initiate a video call. This feature was not active for most users and it was removed with a later update for WhatsApp. But this shows us the sign that WhatsApp is soon launching Video Calling feature. This Video Feature has […]

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Steve Jobs 12 Rules of Sucess

12 Rules of Success – Steve Jobs

His real name is Steven Paul Steve Jobs but he is well know as Steve Jobs. Jobs was born in February 24, 1955 and at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011 he was died of respiratory arrest. He was the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc. He is the […]

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